K-12 Chicken

K-12 Chicken

Foster Farms offers a wide selection of Ready-to-Cook and Cooked Chicken products to meet the needs of your operation.  Now with No Antibiotics Ever options and our CN labeled Cooked Chicken product line, it is easier than ever to create the Better-for-You menu that you and your customers' crave.  And with RTC parts and pieces for any application, as well as recipe-ready fully cooked breast and thigh strips, whole grain nuggets and patties, you'll be able to serve up dishes both kids and parents are sure to love.  Our product line also includes fully cooked wings and breaded tenders that are always crowd pleasers.  Whatever your chicken needs, Foster Farms® has the solutions to support you and your program.

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Foster Farms Fully Cooked NAE Chicken

Made from chickens raised with No Antibiotics Ever (NAE), 100% all natural - minimally processed, no artificial ingredients.

Foster Farms RTC NAE Chicken Veg Fed USDA PVP - Foodservice

No Antibiotics Ever (NAE), USDA Process Verified, 100% all natural -minimally processed, vegetarian fed, American Humane Certified. Featuring whole body chickens and a selection of parts.

Foster Farms RTC Organic Chicken - Foodservice

Ready to cook organic whole body chickens and a selection of parts. Certified organic by Quality Assurance International.